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Asian Titles

M. E. Sharpe, Inc.

   Mao's Road to Power, vols. 1, 2 & 3, ed. Stuart Schram

   The Chinese People's Movement, ed. Tony Saich

   The Rise to Power of the Chinese Communist Party, ed. Tony Saich

   The Writings of Mao, 1949-1976, vol. 2, ed. John K. Leung

Harvard University Press

   China: a New History by John K. Fairbank

   The Japanese by Edwin O. Reischauer

   Samurai and Silk by Haru Reischauer

   One Step Ahead in China by Ezra Vogel

   Sowing the Seeds of Democracy in China by Merle Goldman

   From Reform to Revolution by Minxin Pei

   Taming of the Samurai by Eiko Ikegami

University of California Press

   Suspended Music by Lothar von Falkenhausen

   Monarchs and Ministers by Beatrice Bartlett

   Recreating Japanese Women, ed. Gail Bernstein

   Marriage and Inequality in Chinese Society by Rubie S. Watson & Patricia B. Ebry

Simon & Schuster

   China in Our Time by Ross Terrill


   Gateway to Japan (guidebook)

Charles Scribner's Sons

   Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War, ed. Stanley I. Kutler

Princeton University Press

   Situated Meaning by Jane M. Bachnik and Charles J. Quinn

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