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Harvard Business School Press

   Process Innovation by Thomas H. Davenport

   Seeking Customers, ed. Shapiro and Sviokla

   Competing for the Future by Hamel Prahalad

Blackwell Publishers

   Numerical Cognition, ed. Stanislas Dehaene

   Lexical Access in Speech Production, ed. Willem J. M. Levelt

   Market Microstructure Theory by Maureen O'Hara

   Development Economics by Richard Grabowski

Barron's Educational Series

   Global Studies, vol. 1: Asia, Africa and Latin America, by Rosenfeld and Geller

Bedford Books of St. Martin's Press

   Teaching Writing in the Disciplines: An Instructor's Reference by Howard and Jamieson

   The French Revolution and Human Rights by Lynn Hunt

University of California Press

   Postwar Japan as History, ed. Andrew Gordon

D. C. Heath and Company, Electronics Division

   Health Plus General Management System (computer manual for classroom teachers)

Charles Scribner's Sons

   Encyclopedia of the United States in the Twentieth Century

   Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War ed. Stanley I. Kutler

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